« There is no problem, there are only solutions »

P : I have a problem !
S : Have you tried again ?

P : Adf.ly displays « Sorry, but that link has been deleted. » !
S : Try downloading Pipix with Internet Explorer

P : Where is the Mac version? / The MAC version of Pipix crash !
S : Unfortunately, the Mac version is out of date. Pipix can be released on mac but for this we need a Mac, and we do not have.

P : The download starts, but remains stuck at -1%
S : Be patient, it is a display bug when the servers are saturated.

P : I have a black screen when I run Minecraft!
S : It is a conflict with the mod installed. You need to try again, and check for each mods, if minecraft works.

P : Unable to download Pipix!
S : Retry download. If the link is dead, wait a few minutes, report it.

P : « Can't start the program because it is missing quazip1.dll on your computer. »
S: For Pipix work, you must leave it in the extracted folder with the .dll files.

P : The mod has not been installed!
S : Read the tuto page, if the problem persists, please help us by reporting correct what mods it is, in which version and the path of your Minecraft.

P : When Minecraft run, « FML as setting up your minecraft world » remains stuck at 0%
S : The problem come from forge, you must wait and try again.

P : Minecraft still stuck at « done loading » !
S : This problem occurs frequently when you install a mod of a version compatible with the current version of Minecraft
Example:. Mo’Creature (1.5.1) installed on Minecraft 1.5.2

P : Pipix not responding !
S : Pipix tries to connect to servers, wait until the versions and mods are displayed.

P : « Unable to connect, check your internet connection! »
S : In this case, the servers are simply saturated. Wait and try again.

P : Pipix does not display the list of Versions/Mods
S : Assume that Pipix has connected to servers. The list does not generate. You probably have uninstalled IE. Like many programs, Pipix depends on some Internet Explorer files.

P : I have not found my solution here !
S : Tell me what your problem is and I would find a solution.