Changelogs Pipix

Initial Release. (jully 2013)
Completely rewritten in C ++.
New interface.
Pipix is now able to install TexturesPack and Maps.
Possibility to note mods, texturespack, maps.
Changelog from Minecraft Versions.
New options and filtering options.
Fixed a bug in the votes.
Display changelogs in different languages.
Fixed a bug in update detection.
Fixed a major bug preventings Mods installation.
Works with the new launcher.
Fixed whiteout bug in Windows.
Fixed bug when installing TMI.
Fixed a bug causing Freeze.
Bug fixes related to the new Launcher v3.0.4 Beta.
Install mods for Minecraft versions superior to 1.6.
Install of the latest versions of Minecraft.
Fixed bugs when select new launcher.
Fixes decompressing bugs.
Adding multiple languages.
Add the clean button.
Improved screenshot system.
Fixed bug with backups and the new launcher.
Adding a cross on the download bar to stop the insallation a mod/map/texture.
Improved display lists of mods/maps/textures, display is now instant.
Full support for the new launcher json file.
Improved changelog system versions, no more bugs caused by unknown language from pipix.
Fixed a bug when installing mods on a lower version 1.5 with the new launcher.
Votes column now rank properly.
Fixed a bug causing incorrect version of minecraft detection currently used on first launch of pipix.
Pipix not re-downloaded over all images of maps/textures every time.
Updating Qt library to 5.1 (previously 4.8).
Fixes connectivity problems to the server.
Fixes various bugs.
Improved overall performance.
Adding text showing if the version of Minecraft will be Modded or not.
Improved overall performance.

Initial Release. (April 2011)
Allows you to change the version of the game, and install mods.
Initial Release (Mars 2011).
Allows you to change the version of the game.