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Welcome to Pixelife's World !

Pixelife, what is it you ask me?
Well, we are a French community, born in February 2011, originally based on the Minecraft game and with its own server. Pipix, the well-known utility in the Minecraft universe was born here, created by the same founder of our community, Ogib! Although it has since disappeared, we have constantly evolve as the worlds that software.

But enough talk, if you want to know more, I invite you to visit our forum in order to benefit fully from our community experience. Welcome again and good game!

Pipix 3.0

Pipix is a small utility for changing the version of minecraft and to install a list of Mods, Maps and TexturesPack easily and very quickly within a few clicks.
Pipix was designed to be very easy to use via a clean and simple interface. To install a mod for example, simply the user to choose the desired mod and it clicks the "Install" button.
Pipix will automatically handle download the mod and the api needed and install them in the right place.
with this utility, you can go back to the InDev version of Minecraft. You will also be able to install mods since 1.8.1 Beta, some of which are not found elsewhere since.